About the Brand ‘Cambridge Preschools’:


Cambridge Montessori Preschools are based on the internationally renowned Montessori philosophy propounded by Dr. Maria Montessori. Their curriculum is sourced from different parts of the world, making it truly global in nature. It is also supported by International Council of Montessori Experts.


Investment to Open a Cambridge Preschool in India:

To start a Cambridge preschool franchise, the following investment is required:

Investment:  An investment of 10 to 12 lakhs is required for Cambridge Montessori Preschool Franchise in India

Franchise/Brand Fee: INR 3,50,000 lakhs

Process to Start a Cambridge Preschool Franchise:


To start a preschool, you need a commercial property with the floor area requirement 3000 – 10000 Sq.ft.  The property should be preferably located near to residential area. You will get exclusive territorial rights. To know more about the requirements to start a Cambridge playschool franchise, visit the official website: http://cambridgemontessoriglobal.org/preschool-franchise-india/

Benefits of Taking Cambridge Preschool Franchise:

  • Montessori Teacher training program for teachers
  • Reputed brand – better recognition in the market
  • End to end school setup support
  • Experienced and qualified management
  • Kit based pricing
  • Facility to convert your existing preschool to Cambridge Montessori Preschool
  • Detailed academic and operational manual
  • No royalty

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