Want to Open a 10+2 School in India – Get Expert’s Advice

The field of education has a distinct attribute of being a recession-free sector. Moreover, the level of education at the higher level is extremely crucial. Senior secondary school education is a critical component of any child’s life. It is here that the aspiring edupreneurs wish to cash upon the opportunity to start a school and invest to open a 10+2 school in India. An upcoming concept to tread on the pre-framed path of business is to opt for a 10+2 school franchise.

Franchising is the art of granting the privilege to the aspiring investors to set-up a business model based on the existing set of operations. Getting franchise for schools are a better option to start a school as they provide you all the necessary training and support required to open a 10+2 school in India. The sole reason why entrepreneurs are willing to opt for a 10+2 school franchise in India is that it is a safe and secure investment option.



What are the basic requirements to opt franchise for schools in India?

  • Study the market wellThe prime cause of concern is to study the market well. It will help you to ascertain the number of 10+2 schools that offer franchise opportunities in India.
  • Make arrangements for fundsOnce you are through with studying the market, it becomes essential to make necessary arrangements for the finances required to establish a 10+2 school in India.
  • Ascertain Land RequirementsAnother important aspect to be taken into consideration is to determine the area of land required. The land can be owned or it could be rented as well. In case the land is rented, it is essential to take the consent of the concerned authorities.

How to choose the right school franchisor in India?

It is important to assess the right school franchisor before starting a 10+2 school in India. How to choose the right 10+2 school franchisor in India will become an easy task after you go through the few points of relevance stated below:

  1. Take help from the legal advisors: It is advisable to consult your accountant, manager, lawyer and other legal advisor whether the decision to start a 10+2 school is worthwhile or not.
  2. Discuss with other franchise owners: It is not a bad idea to discuss and take opinion from the already existing franchise owners who have procured the franchise of different brands.
  3. Shortlist your favourites: After discussing, scrutinize your favourite schools that offer the best 10+2 school franchise opportunity.
  4. Approach the shortlisted 10+2 schools: Now, you are required to approach the shortlisted 10+2 schools one at a time and collect the relevant information from each one of them.
  5. Choose the best option: Choose from the given set of shortlisted 10+2 schools and analyse the best from amongst them.
  6. Become a 10+2 school franchisee: You have become the proud owner of an already established senior school in India.

Why should you opt for a 10+2 school franchise?

The demand for 10+2 schools is never-ending, due to which plenty of 10+2 schools such as GD Goenka Public School, Mountlitera School, Shemford Futuristic Schools etc. have put forth the franchise model, giving way to expand the scenario. Thus, you should opt for a school franchise.

Franchise School is not only a well-established set-up but an institution that will help the new entrepreneurs and investors to start a fresh set of operations with a proven success model. Franchise School assures you that it will help you to find the best senior school franchise opportunity in India, so that you gain the benefits after getting associated to it. In case you feel that to start a 10+2 school in India is a risky venture, then Franchise School is the right place to approach to.

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