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Thinking of starting a School Franchise? Wondering which play school, CBSE school, 10+2 school or a college franchise you should affiliate with? You can rest all your concerns because here we offer you a wide range of information that helps you answer all your queries. We provide you with all the options available to you to start your own franchise. With numerous schools and play schools around, we help you in choosing the one that best suits your requirements.

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  • Access to a wide range of school franchise alternatives
  • Guidance about selecting the right franchise opportunity for you
  • Assistance to make informed decisions for your franchise start up
  • Access to the Requirements for every different franchise alternative

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We understand the varying franchise needs and possibilities of our clients. Therefore, we have made our listings befitting your every need. You get to go through a wide range of school franchise businesses and learn all you can about the various franchising opportunities. We offer you a franchise focused platform. Read our blogs that answer the “what, why, how much, where, and when” about the franchise industry.

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    Is buying an Education franchise in India profitable?

    In case you are hesitant whether buying a franchise is a wise decision or not, then we shall tell you that indeed it is an intelligent mind’s decision to opt for a school franchise. Franchise School gives you reasons to start your own school by buying a school franchise in India:

    Hence, the aforesaid benefits make the education franchise business, a great option for anyone interested in starting a school of his own. Franchise School India ensures great prospects of success with minimum risk factor involved.

    Really? Want to be your own Boss?

    Yes, why not? Once the franchisee and the franchisor enter into the school franchise agreement, the franchisee becomes his own boss.


    Looking for an answer to the question; whether or not to opt for a school franchise? We will answer your question and would like to intimate you that it is a win-win situation for both you (i.e. the prospective franchisee) and the franchisor to enter into a school franchise agreement.


    Come and be a part of Franchise School.​