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    If you are a business owner and wish to start a Bachpan Play School Franchise. In India, here is what you should do. If you are thinking of starting a franchise in India.
    Education: Do I need to have a franchise in India? If you are thinking about starting a Bachpan Play School Franchise in India,
    We can provide them with quality education at their age. The young generation deserves it!
    We can arrange for our children to go to school to learn about different subjects. They can choose to go to school to learn more about other things. So if you are thinking of starting your own preschool franchise. In India, then you need to read this post. This will help you plan. Where to open your first preschool in India?
    At the earliest age, they should get some answers regarding the things that are very important. In their lives.
    It is important that children are educated from an early age. They are the ones who can help the country progress. It is very important to educate our children.
    Some kids are not keen on considering the way to go to school. This is because they don't think that going to school is necessary. It is essential that we educate our children in an appropriate manner.
    Because they don't have the foggiest idea about their worthiness. At all.
    It is very important that kids are educated. If parents are committed to helping their children understand the importance of education. We, as parents, will try hard to show them the importance of education. In their lives. Being able to show them that their life is important. By bringing them to different places in their school.
    It is very important to provide them with the right guidance. It is very essential that they receive the right guidance. When you take them to school and show them that its very important. To enable them to understand what. You are teaching them.
    When children are enthusiastic about learning, they feel that they have enough knowledge to be successful.
    Is important and it makes people think everything. That we do in our houses. Matters. When it comes to the kids.
    Kids are very curious; they watch you do things that are interesting to them.
    Children love reading books and, therefore, they will endeavor to do that as well.
    And to buy books from the library. Children have a great interest in books, and you can help them to do that. If you take your child to class faithfully, it will help them to feel that school is essential to them.
    Make youngsters think that going to school is important; show that you are trustworthy and that you can be relied upon. If they come to school at certain times.
    Trustworthiness is very important. You cannot let others mislead you. Being able to show that you are honest is very important. Five years of child learning are important. They enable children to acquire good knowledge. And they help people to become independent.
    Things that happen during that time period are crucial and worth remembering. By investing in early childhood education, you will have the ability to build a solid foundation for yourself and your family.
    Can afford to retire for the rest of your life? Could afford to live in a hotel for at least a month.
    Is it possible to stay for a long time? Maybe for a couple of years?
    India is becoming an increasingly competitive country in the education field. There are many reasons why this growth is happening.
    years. There are many reasons for this – parents have an awareness of the importance of education and help their children learn skills that are valuable. In order for them to thrive in the future, they must have adequate education.
    Being conscious of the importance of education. It is very important for a country to have healthy youth. It is essential for its development. Healthy young people.
    Education of children is essential. For the development of a nation. It is vital to provide good education to all our children.

    A quick introduction to Bachpan Play School.
    Bachpan School is a major player in the education field, and they have about 1100 branches all over India. They provide some of the best and most innovative toys and games.
    India. It is one of the schools that give professionals a better education than those who study at a university.
    They teach children at the. Pre-primary and higher levels in the field of education. They focus on the development of children who are very young. They want them to learn to be smart, creative, and innovative. They believe that children should have a good social life and be able to think critically about different things.
    They encourage children to think creatively and think creatively according to their system. There are various special learning toys and educational gadgets that the children will use while they are learning the subject.
    Approximately 1000 branches are present all across India.
    It is possible to get your child to an ideal play school in India, and this is because of the very best teachers and equipment. The teachers and equipment used in this school are very advanced.
    Your child will get the best training, along with a decent education.
    Physical progress within his usual range of abilities. They develop their thinking capability. They develop their social skills.
    Enhance their IQ by using certain games and toys that have logical worth.
    They use certain toys and games that have a definite value.
    It ensures that your child is getting the best mental health. They utilize the most advanced technology and toys that are very useful.
    They will study to their normal level of understanding. If they can study in sheltered places, like their houses. They will work towards a better understanding of the world and themselves.
    That children will be able to learn anything that is within their comfort zone. They try to use things that are familiar to them and they try to use them to help children learn. They try to use interesting toys and gadgets that help children learn to do things that are difficult for them to learn to do.
    Specially designed equipment and highly advanced technology, will upgrade the learning abilities of children.
    They have a few specialized tools and technology that will enable them to. Boost their mental health and their learning abilities.

    Bachpan Education is the oldest and best-known play school in India.
    Bachpan was started in 2004 by the chairman of S.K. Education. They have schools all over India.
    Bachpan School was founded in 2004. And, even today, they are in the same field.
    We offer our students the best in terms of learning and mental health.
    advancement. They have developed an effective way of teaching children to learn physics. It has inspired many parents and keeps them committed.
    Bachpan Schools has always motivated parents to teach their children the best manner of learning. They have evolved and are still growing.
    Listed below are the major achievements of the Bachpan School.
    In 2004, they started their first campus as a preschool.
    In 2007, they set up their own publishing house. Publish more than 100 books.
    We are the first publisher in India to publish more than 100 books. Our school was started in 2004. They are the first international school to offer a Play-school curriculum to understudies in India.
    In only four years Bachpan's school had become more popular. In only three years, they had over 100+ branches across the country.
    There are now 100+ schools in the country.
    In the year 2008, they started to design uniforms for their students.
    Bachpan School became the first school in India to launch an academic program.
    Headquarters of all-day kindergartens, and a flagship school called all-day kindergartens of the entire nation.
    AHPS has been ranked as one of the top 3 play schools in India for the year 2010. They also have branches in 45 other countries.
    They have already grown to over 500+ schools in 24 states in India.
    Bachpan School has opened 1200+ schools across India. They also have 1200+ branches across the country.
    In 2013, they hired 250 teachers. They had staff who were paid Rs. 5,300 a year.
    Bachpan School has been developing its own learning aid called primary.
    They have now over 1000 schools across India. They have offices in over 400 cities.
    In 2017, they launched the Speak O kit. It means that you can actually say what you are thinking and what you are feeling.
    They have been creating play schools for over 20 years. They have also reached 100+ schools in India.
    They were nominated as Pre-school Franchise of the Year and they have become 1200+ campuses across the country.
    And in 2018, they started launching e-tablets for students.
    They recently introduced two other learning techniques to their students. These are virtual reality and augmented reality.
    In 2018, they launched two new techniques that allow students to experience the world in a different way. They are called virtual reality and virtual reality apps.
    Now, there are 1200+ campuses in over 400 cities and 23 states in India.

    You need to invest about 12 Lacs for opening a franchise of a Bachpan School & your premises must be of a size ranging from 2000 sqft to 4000 sqft. We are looking for passionate partners who are committed to working hard towards improving child education through effective & modern techniques.

    The cost of owning a Bachpan Franchise in India varies from city to city. It may cost you Rs. 5.5 lakhs in Hyderabad for a 125 square meter lot in Bangalore. One such city is Hyderabad, where it costs Rs. 5.5 lakh.

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    The Fee covers the costs of setting up the Bachpan Play School, training the teachers, supporting us with Marketing & Advertising and providing us with all the equipment needed.

    You can get in touch with the Bachpan Franchise team by calling 1800-123-4567.


    We hope this article was helpful in giving you a better understanding of the Bachpan Franchise opportunity in India. If you have any further queries, feel free to get in touch with us.

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