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    About the Brand:
    Kidzee is a Preschool Brand with one of the largest Preschool Networks in Asia. More than 1500 Kidzee branches of the preschool are already spread across around 550 cities of India and many more are in the making. The schools follow a universally verified education curriculum known as the ‘iLLUME’.

    Kidzee believes in identifying the unique talent of each and every child and works according to ‘What is right for the Child?’ The preschool offers 3 different programs for children each catering to a different age group:

    • Play Group for 1.5 to 2.5 years old
    • Nursery for 2.5 to 3.5 years old
    • Kindergarten for 3.5 to 5.5 years old

    Kidzee has now been serving in the preschool education industry for over a decade and providing quality education to over 4,00,000 children, it has become India’s Favourite Playschool chain.


    If yes, you may be planning to start a Kidzee Playschool franchise business at your office in India. If you are interested in starting a franchise business in India, read this article to understand the cost, investment, and how to get started.

    Kidzee Playschool (KPK) is a part of the well-known and respected educational organization Zee Learn Ltd. Kidzee Playschool is backed by Zee Network & Essel Group, which are known for their high-end brand names. Kidzee has grown to be the largest preschool chain in India and is now in more than 550 cities. Kidzee currently operates in over 550 cities in India and is the largest preschool chain in Asia.

    Kidzee teaches children something special called iLLUME. This is a method of teaching children that is used by many schools all over the world. This learning methodology has been used successfully in over 900000 children. What is the importance of the different teaching methodologies in schools? It has a complete learning kit that contains various types of games, puzzles, and books. The learning kit helps children in doing their thinking by giving them a set of games to play and learn from. It is a complete kit that allows every child to learn something that they can implement in their everyday lives. Teachers play a very important role in making our lives better and helping us to achieve our goals. Teachers can help many people by giving them good advice that will help them become citizens of the nation that will be proud of it. Giving teachers praise for what they do is very meaningful because teachers are the building blocks of our society. Teachers are rewarded when their students do well in their studies, and students look up to their teachers, no matter how much they achieve.

    Kidzee mainly focuses on recruiting people who have great skills and know how to deal with children.
    Teaching children to do the things that they should do is not easy. It is not easy to teach children to do the things that they should do. It is very important that teachers be able to interact with children in a fun and educational way. It is very important that teachers are able to understand children well and have appropriate training to teach them.
    Teachers are given specialized training so that they will be able to handle children the best way.
    And because of their good manners, teachers can teach children to do what they want them to do.
    Teachers must say exactly what is true and also try to think right. The standard that Kidzee had to meet was the quality of the teachers that they hired. This standard must be maintained in all franchises. The franchisees make sure that all the teachers are giving their best and that the quality is also high. If all you want to do is to own a Kidzee franchise, then keep reading this article. It will give you all the information you need to start a Kidzee franchise.
    This article will help you to understand all the things that you need to know before you buy a Kidzee franchise.

    Playschools are becoming very important in our society nowadays. They help children with their mental growth and also allow them to live independently. They encourage children to learn everything they can about their brains. They encourage them to become independent learners and to act accordingly.
    They help children to develop their minds and encourage them to learn as much as they can. They help them to become independent in their thinking and behavior. Playschools are helping children in many ways. They help them to be confident and to think creatively. They help them to be successful.
    They not only help them with their learning but also help them to be independent. There are many playschools that allow children to spend time outside of their families and socialize with other people.
    Children can go to playschools and spend some time alone, which helps them to become independent.
    They teach children to become confident and that way they can learn to be successful. You can easily own a playschool franchise by buying a Kidzee franchise. It is as easy as buying a Kidee CD. They are available in all major cities across the country.
    It is a very helpful business because this business is on the rise and it is getting more popular each year. When it's time to close, it's over.
    If you are considering owning a playschool franchise, the best option is to own a Kidzee franchise.
    franchise. Here is a list of the benefits that you will get by owning a Kidzee franchise.
    Kidzee provides educational services to children based on their age. Kidzee
    They believe that every child is special and so they teach them different things to fit each child.
    Kids are treated differently by different playschools based on their nature and age.
    They offer a play group for children who are between 1.5 and 2.5 years old. They also run a nursery school for children who are between 2.5 and 3.5 years old.
    There is a preschool for kids who are about 2.5 to 3.5 years old. They also provide schooling for children who are aged more than 5.5 years.
    They also run a kindergarten for kids who are between 3.5 and 5.5 years old.
    They operate in over 750 cities across the country, and one of their franchises is in a city called Hyderabad.
    Children learn things in a very short time, which is why Kidzee is a leader in child education.
    You are going to get a 200% return on investment from owning a Kidzee franchise.
    Kidzee is a famous organization that uses a unique methodology called iLLUME to teach children. How to teach them to do different things.
    They offer a franchise agreement which is renewed every six years.
    You do not have to pay any royalties when you want to own a Kidzee franchise.
    They won three prestigious awards at the national and global levels in the past six years.
    They have been dubbed the market leader for kids' schools in India.

    Franchisees of Kidzee Playschools have been able to achieve a good profit from their businesses.
    Support enrollment of children through targeted marketing.
    Provides franchisees with time-honoured books, magazines, and other learning resources.
    You will also receive help in establishing the schools by providing you with the infrastructure and designing the classrooms.
    You will be able to follow up with what is happening in the world of education.
    Personalized support for you and your customers. We are here to assist you with all of your business queries.
    What is the Cost & Investment of Starting a Kidzee Playschool Franchise?
    Kidzee Playschool franchise is an extremely low-risk business opportunity. To start your own franchise, you need to invest around Rs. 12-15 lacs. You will also need around 2000 sq ft to 3000 sq ft of floor space to start your own school. It all varies with the location.

    Kidzee also provides exclusive rights and field assistance to franchise owners to start their businesses.

    Following are the requirements for having a Kidzee franchise:
    Training requirements
    Minimum staff

    Area needed
    The space required for building up a Kidzee franchise is 2000 to 3000 sq ft. The land can be
    of an owner, or it can be on the lease, but the area should be on the ground floor with a play
    area inside, and a safe boundary wall is also across the whole area.
    The teachers of the school have to be determined enough that they focus on the needs of
    every child. A regular meeting will be held with the parents of kids to tell them about the

    progress of their child and to tell them the ways that they should adopt for making a positive
    change in their child. Teachers should have experience of studying kids and help them in
    learning the necessary skills of color identification, shapes, letters, and numbers
    identification; Teachers should know telling kids about the dining table manners and let
    them adopt the healthy eating and good hygiene habits.
    Training requirements
    Kidzee itself provides a 60 to 80 hours based training program to teachers to make sure that
    they have enough skills to provide quality education to children. This training period is
    divided into four months, in which there are three months for theory sessions, and one
    month is for practical work. Only females are eligible for applying in this category, and they
    should be minimum HSC passed and above 18 years. There is a maximum of fifteen teachers in a batch along with one trainer.

    Kidzee is based in 750 cities of India and Nepal and has over 1900 campuses. Some of the
    major regions are:
    Centres in the North
    Centres in the South
    Centres in the East
    Centres in the West
    Centres in the central side
    Centres in the union territories
    Centres in Nepal

    Minimum Staff
    The minimum number of teachers for all three programs is 30 to 32, along with one
    principal, one vice-principal, 3 to 4 office staff members, 2 to 3 maids, and a security guard.
    Overall 40 to 45 people are required for one Kidzee franchise.

    A total of 12,00,000 to 15,00,000 INR are required depending upon the land, for opening a
    Kidzee franchise. This amount will include:

    • School franchise fees
    • Advertisement fees
      Layout plan fees
    • Legal documentation fees
    • 60 to 80 hours of teachers training fees

    When you buy a franchise, Kidzee will provide books, puzzles, e-kidzee software to the
    students, which is their methodology known as “iLLUME.” It seems a little nig investment at
    first, but this one-time investment will give you a 200% profit in just one year and then you
    will enjoy its benefits in the later years too.
    For owning a Kidzee franchise, you have to sign on the Kidzee agreement, which includes all
    the terms and conditions. This agreement will remain active for six years; after that, you
    have to renew it. Here is a rough idea of your expense and the benefit:
    Rent of land: 8,40,000
    Salary of staff: 5,40,000
    Salary of workers: 60,000
    Other expenses: 1,60,000
    Admission fee of every student: 20,000
    Tuition fees along with learning material: 30,000
    Security fees: 10,000
    Exam fee: 2000
    Development fee: 8000
    This all means that one child is paying 70,000 for a year and for one program. For three
    programs having two sections each and all having a total of 450 students means the income
    generated will be 3,15,00,000. This all means that you will get a profit of 2,45,00,000 per


    Video Source Kidzee

    You just need a corpus of Rs. 5 to 10 lacs and a minimum carpet area of 2500 square feet as basic investments to open Kidzee franchise. The anticipated pay back period of capital invested is just one year, and the possible return on investments in Kidzee franchise is 200 per cent within just 4 years.

    You would need to invest about 12 to 15 lacs to start a Kindergarten. It will vary with the type of preschool chosen, as well as the locations and suppliers that are needed in the locality.


    As stated on the official website of the preschool, there is a minimum limit over the area of land required for a Kidzee center to set up – which is 2000 to 3000 sq. feet. in a residential location. The franchisors would prefer people who already own an independent property on the ground floor available with a play area and with a well-built boundary wall.

    A No Objection Certificate from the government education authorities for running a preschool will also be needed, well in advance before you can join the Kidzee Franchise.

    Also, typical amount that would be needed for the investment in setting up the school’s ambiance, installing all the required furniture & equipment and starting up a Kidzee center is around 12 lacs to 15 lacs. The amount can vary depending on the factors like the model of the school and the location & suppliers available in the locality, etc.

    1. 2000-3000 sq. ft. space, rented or owned

    2. 12 Lakhs Investment*


    • Kidzee has established branches in over 500 cities of the country in only almost a decade.
    • It is not only a pioneer but also a leader in the Early Childhood Care and Education
    • The brand uses its own learning methodology called iLLUME
    • Kidzee is the market leader in play school franchise category
    • Winner of “Franchisor of the Year” award in 2014

    To own a franchise with Kidzee, you will have to go to the official website

    or fill out the Franchise Enquiry Form as given on: